Market for 04 Jul 2015

At your market on July 4th there will be locally made tortillas, micro greens, and wheat grass. Also carrots, strawberries, breads & pastries, coffee and local foraged chaga tea, lemonade, art cards, soap, maple syrup, granola, meats & seafood, sunburn rescue salve, dog treats, wine, knits & quilts and so much more.

Bill Mac will be providing entertainment in beautiful, historic Annapolis Royal.

8 am to 1 pm



Market for 01 Jul 2015

The first mid-week market of the summer will be on July 1st.

Happy Canada Day!

Be sure to stop by to pick up your breads & pastries, artisan hand crafts, veggies, strawberries and so much more at your market.

Noelle Lucas will be playing tunes for us.

In beautiful, historic Annapolis Royal

10 am to 2 pm








Market for 27 June 2015

A busy Saturday is planned for your June 27 market. We will have entertainment by Andy and Ariana and the library will be having a book sale.

There will be strawberries & sprouts, wheat grass & local wine, breads & pastries, potato pancakes, local roasted coffee, wild foraged chaga tea, take-out salads, eggs, honey & maple syrup, dog & cat treats, kids & adult treats, pottery & wooden bowls, sculpture & art cards, antiques & well-loved books and so much more.

Join us for breakfast or lunch with friends or take something tasty home with you. Our artisans have that perfect ‘one of a kind’ gift for someone special. It’s a perfect way to start your weekend, come by and see for yourself in beautiful, historic Annapolis Royal.

8 am to 1 pm

The mid-week Wednesday market will be starting up on July 1st, 10 am to 2 pm, so now there will be twice as much market fun.



Market for 20 June 2015

On June 20th join us for a morning of music with Ron Parks.

There will be asparagus, spinach, eggs, seafood, breads & pastries, jams & jellies, fruit leather, mushrooms, wheat grass, art cards, granola, baguettes, veggie transplants, dog treats, wine, local roasted coffee, local foraged chaga tea, gifts galore and so much more, including our famous market bags.

Stop by and hug a farmer in beautiful historic Annapolis Royal.

8 am to 1 pm