Covid-19 Summer Food Hub

Due to the active global pandemic, Covid-19 our regular market activities have been put on hold. In accordance with provincial guidelines we are operating a very reduced pre-order and pickup only system to ensure our local communities still have access to essential local food.

Please read this page carefully to ensure you are prepared to order from our vendors and collect your items safely.

You MUST PRE-ORDER your items from our vendors.

Please see our Summer Food Hub Vendor Page for details.

PICKUPS ARE SCHEDULED every Saturday starting May 16th you will come collect your order from the vendors you have pre-ordered from. The time you should arrive is based on last name:

Pickup Times:
9am-10am Last Name A-M
10am-11am Last Name N-Z

Only one person per household will be granted access to the market square to collect their pre-ordered items.

We encourage you to pre-pay. If you must bring cash, please put exact change in an envelope. It is our goal to keep our vendors safe, so handling cash should be avoided when possible.

We encourage you to wear a mask. Public health directives suggest that wearing a mask may reduce the spread of the virus.

Getting In and Out

You will access the Market Square from the main parking lot. The entrance will be in the parking lot on the Drury Lane side. The exit will be back into the parking lot on the Church Street side. The Market Square will be a single loop with no tables in the center.

If you are driving, please ensure you are doing so safely with social distancing in mind.

When you arrive you will have to line up and wait to get access to the market square. PLEASE BE AWARE OF YOUR DISTANCE TO OTHER CUSTOMERS. We can keep each other healthy and safe by making sure we maintain social distance. Look for the markers on the ground to ensure you are standing 6 feet apart.

You will be asked who you have Pre-Ordered from. If you have not Pre-Ordered items you will be turned away.

Vendors are bringing ONLY pre-ordered items, you cannot browse or shop or ask for additional items at the Summer Food Hub.

The Market Square will be limited to 5 customers at a time, to respect everyone’s time, and keep our vendors safe please collect your items and exit immediately.

Please do not visit our Food Hub if you:

  • Have been outside of Nova Scotia in the last 14 days
  • You have a fever or cough or are otherwise feeling unwell
  • If you have been in contact with someone you know has contracted Covid-19 in the last 14 days

If you have ordered items and fall ill, please reach out so we can find other arrangements for you. We are not currently offering delivery but we can work together to reach out to the community if you need assistance. We also encourage you to reach out to the Annapolis Valley Caremongering facebook group if you are self-isolated, quarantined in your home or if you are compromised and still hope to purchase local food. There are several volunteers there that may be able to assist you.

Our regular Farmers & Traders Market is obviously known for being a social gathering. This is not our regular market. We know you may have not seen these vendors for many months, but if you linger you will be asked to move along. Please be aware that we miss you too! And the best way to return to our regular Farmers & Traders Market is to follow all the government guidelines and rules of the Food Hub.