Modified Market for 2020

Due to the active global pandemic, Covid-19 our regular market activities have changed significantly to ensure our local communities still have access to essential local food, and we can support our local economy.

Please read this page carefully.

We have greatly reduced the number of vendors so our customers can maintain social distance, as the current provincial regulations require.

We encourage you to wear a mask. Public health directives suggest that wearing a mask may reduce the spread of the virus. You may wish to pre-order from our vendors or simply come in and shop. Ask your favourite vendors if you can pre-order and how, if you would like to.

Getting In and Out

You will access the Market Square from the main parking lot. The entrance will be in the parking lot on the Drury Lane side. The exit will be back into the parking lot on the Church Street side. The Market Square will be a single loop with no tables in the center. You can also exit out ‘the goat trial’ or additional stairs from the top of church street (between lucky rabbit and the short run of covered booths). This is an exit only shortcut.

The entrances on Saint George Street will be blocked, this is so we can maximize the number of vendors while also controling how many people are in the square at one time. We recognize that this may be frustrating but encourage you to not try to attempt to climb over the barricades. Individuals have injured themselves trying to blaze their own path, please don’t do this. We don’t want to see you hurt, we don’t want to be fined for not enforcing social distance and we do want to keep proper space between you and our vendors. Thank you for your understanding.

If you are driving, please ensure you are doing so safely with social distancing in mind when you park.

We can keep each other healthy and safe by making sure we maintain social distance. Look for the markers on the ground to ensure you are standing 6 feet apart.

Please do not visit our Food Hub if you:

  • Have been outside of the Atlantic provinces in the last 14 days
  • You have a fever or cough or are otherwise feeling unwell
  • If you have been in contact with someone you know has contracted Covid-19 in the last 14 days

Our regular Farmers & Traders Market is obviously known for being a social gathering. This is not our regular market. We are asking you to purchase your goods, exit the market area and then enjoy your goods and socialize together elsewhere in town. This will allow us to ensure we can have many folks through the market as possible.