Modified Market for 2021

Due to the ongoing active global pandemic Covid-19, our regular market activities will continue to adapt based on current public health orders. This will undoubtedly continue into our 2021. Just like the 2020 season, our goal is to ensure our local communities still have access to essential local food, and we can support our local economy while prioritizing the health of our vendors, staff and customers.

Please read this page carefully.

We have greatly reduced the number of vendors to allow for social distancing. For the 2021 season we expect more of our vendors will want to return after choosing to take the 2020 season off. We have worked closely with our local health inspector to add more spaces for vendors while being able to maintain social distance. We may, during peak hours block access to the market so that our customers can maintain social distance. This will be even more critical this year: to allow for more vendors you will need to keep moving through the market and keep your socializing limited to surrounding areas. Our staff may direct you to avoid lingering, please be kind.

We encourage you to wear a mask. Public health directives suggest that wearing a mask may reduce the spread of the virus. You may wish to pre-order from our vendors or simply come in and shop. Ask your favourite vendors if you can pre-order and how, if you would like to.

Please do not visit the ARFTM if you:

  • You have a fever or cough or are otherwise feeling unwell
  • If you have been in contact with someone you know has contracted Covid-19 in the last 14 days
  • Please pay attention to existing health directives and follow the rules laid out

Our regular Farmers & Traders Market is obviously known for being a social gathering. We will continue to NOT operate as usual in 2021. This is not our regular market. We are asking you to purchase your goods, exit the market area and then enjoy your goods and socialize together elsewhere in town. This will allow us to ensure we can have many folks through the market as possible.

It is required to provide Covid-19 Prevention Plan to health inspectors on request in writing at the market. We will update this space with the latest plan when we know what the current rules are come Mid May.

We know we are all ready for Covid to be a thing of the past, and some members in our community have started to get their vaccines. If we can keep being diligent until our hard working health professionals deem it to be safe, we’ll be sure to return to our regular lives soon.