August Updates

As we cross the ‘mid-season’ threshold we’re looking back at the beginning of our season and all the modifications and additions we’ve had to launch to keep ourselves running during the Covid-19 pandemic.

First we’d like to thank you for your support thus far! We rely on you to keep our crops watered and cattle fed, so THANK YOU!

We’ve been lucky to grow gently and safely as more of our vendors have expressed interest in coming back to the market square.

Coming up to the end of July we’ve had over 1000 of you through the market, and because of our growing number of customers, we’re also expanding our market hours.

As of August 1st the Saturday market will run from 9 am to 1 pm.

We have also secured more space along Church Street. Much thanks to the landowner who provided a right of way for vehicles and Annapolis Royal City Counsel for making this happen for us! What does that mean for the market? MORE VENDORS! You’ll see more familiar faces at the bottom of Church street sprinkled with a rotating cast of casual vendors.

The Market is still ONE WAY. This is key to getting folks through more quickly, and more safely so we don’t have to ‘hold the door’ and keep folks from entering as they arrive.

We know there are folks out there that are frustrated that we only have one “in”. We understand that it isn’t ideal, but most markets in a contained space have taken this approach, and we believe this is still the best way to maintain control of our customer count while maximizing the number of vendors we can fit. We’re committed to do what we can to offer our vendors spots if we can. Again, they rely on the market to put food on the plate, or in the trough. We appreciate your understanding.

We have created multiple exits, for those who can’t tackle the stairs, or need a shortcut out. You can exit down the ‘goat trail’ as we’ve started calling it, between Syrian food (back on August 1st!) and Ginger’s graters, or down any sets of stairs along Church Street. We do encourage you to visit ALL the vendors and make the trek through the entire market.

Feel free to make multiple pass throughs if you need to drop your goods in your car or any other reason. Please try to have your conversations outside of the market space so we don’t experience any crowding.

We look forward to seeing you all in the next half of the 2020 season!