Hello everyone,

We have seen an influx of customers at the tail end of this season (thank you for your support!) but this has coincided with folks lingering longer than necessary and we’ve encountered overcrowding.

Throughout the season we have tried to ease restrictions while complying with the Nova Scotia Health Protection Act Order. We are legally required to provide you with a space where you can practice social distancing and we can no longer do that with our current set up.

We will be making changes to provide you with a safe environment for you to support local business.

When we reach ‘peak’ customer volume we will be blocking our ‘additional’ entrances on Saint George and Church Streets and asking customers to queue up in the parking lot like the beginning of the season. You will be able to exit in any direction. After the crowds subside we will be able to take the barriers back down again.

You are also entitled to purchase your products from vendors who are maintaining social distance and wearing a mask when that isn’t possible. It is very difficult to purchase goods at 2 meters apart. All vendors have been instructed to wear a mask or visor when selling you goods, and you should feel comfortable asking them to put one on if they aren’t.

We will be putting up additional signage to remind you to keep social distance. We will also have additional staff to ask those lingering in the market area to move out to the street, or the parking lot, the wharf etc… to have your conversations.

This is the area where we will really need your assistance: PLEASE BE KIND to our staff. PLEASE KEEP YOUR VISIT SHORT.