How to Apply

2022 applications are now OPEN!

Please fill out this form to be considered and approved as a casual vendor:

To avoid disappointment, we encourage you to submit an application for the upcoming 2022 season as soon as possible.


2022 Annapolis Royal Farmers & Traders Market Application

Thank you for your interest in the Annapolis Royal Farmers and Traders Market. The market is made up of several vendor types. The top two categories are Permanent Vendors and Casual Vendors. Permanent Vendors have one set spot and are guaranteed attendance every market day of the season. Casual vendors fill in when permanent vendors are absent. There are typically several absences each market day of the season for casuals. Casuals are offered spots on a first come, first served basis.

Typically Casual vendors can become Permanent vendors when a Permanent vendor retires/moves on or as more spaces become available

There are Sub vendor types that both Permanent and Casual vendors fit into based on what you sell.
1: Primary Producers: You grow, raise or harvest what you sell (produce, animals for meat, plants, etc…)
2: Secondary Producers: You make goods for consumption from primarily purchased raw materials (bakery, other food). You do not relabel or re-package products.
3: Artisan/Crafters: You make things from purchased goods. You may be a primary or secondary producer depending on if you grow or harvest what you use to create the goods you sell (example: soap made with elements you grow)
4: Traders: A vendor that re-sells products. These vendors must bring something unique to the market, as trader spots are very limited (example: fish-monger. Please note: we do not accept applications for MLM resellers)
5: No-For-Profit: spots may be available to local organizations, these organizations are exempt from standard table fees.


The Annapolis Royal Farmers & Traders Market Association is a not-for-profit association. Annapolis Royal Farmers & Traders Market is made up of permanent member vendors as well as occasional member and non-member vendors.  All permanent member vendors at the Annapolis Royal Farmers & Traders Market are members of the association.  An elected board of directors made up of member vendors serves as the organizing and policy-making body of the Annapolis Royal Farmers & Traders Market.


The ARF&TM is currently accepting new applicants for review by the Vendor Selection Committee.

Please be aware you may not hear from us for at least 10 business days as we review your application.

You will receive notification if you are approved and will be a casual vendor until a permanent spot becomes available. Market fees may change season to season, 2022 rates are as follows for CASUAL vendors:
$35+ HST Saturday, $30+ HST Wednesday.

For more information please contact the ARF&TM Manager: